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Margaret Labus


“Even though I’m a coach myself, I was skeptical at how coaching would benefit me. I’m in awe of the changes I’ve seen in such a short period of time. I feel more productive, happier and my relationships are stronger.  Thanks Courtney!”





“Courtney Rioux is a sage goddess.  I highly recommend her coaching!”

Tony Howell, Founder of Creative Social Media and NYC Actor




“I used to walk the floors at 2 a.m. with crippling anxiety. Thanks to Courtney’s coaching, I am anxiety-free. This was life-changing in my career and my personal relationships. After two months of coaching, I brought on Courtney as the official life coach of d’aprile properties. I highly recommend her coaching!”

Ryan D’Aprile, CEO of d’aprile properties


Grisell Perez ImageCourtney is awesome! She made me face my personal life issues straight on, and kick the old habits. I even brought a loved one back into my life! Most importantly, she taught me how to love myself a bit more. It’s not easy, sort of like peeling your “life onion” layer by layer.

I’m happier, more grateful and see myself in a more positive mood moving forward in this thing we call “life.”

Thank you Court. You rock!

Grisell Perez, d’aprile Realtor
gail rastorfer“I would definitely recommend Find Your G.L.E.E. to anyone trying to get a handle on their emotional well-being. Courtney creates a positive environment in which to explore the emotions and thoughts which may be holding you back from your best life.”

~Gail Rastorfer, Actor & Career Coach for Artists

Erica P“Anyone could benefit from a coaching session from Courtney!  Not only have I become a better communicator with my loved ones, I’ve fully realized why I communicate a certain way.

Courtney has provided me with invaluable tools that I use on an every day basis.  Courtney has coached me on everything from dealing with divorce to creating a realistic budget, and she’s done so with patience and ease.

Courtney has a genuine, approachable coaching style that would benefit a wide variety of people.”

Erica Peregrine, Ivivva Trainer and Manager

Heather Gratton“Thanks Courtney! Amazing how simply changing the way you think about things can change your life ….even when nothing in your circumstances has actually changed!”
 Heather Gratton, Beachbody Coach

karis munley“I felt completely comfortable opening up with Courtney and talking about situations I’ve struggled with for a long time. Instead of merely giving me suggestions on how to handle the problems, Courtney shared insights and walked me through exercises that gave me strategies to help myself. I was quite pleased to find what a difference each session made in my everyday life. Courtney is a great listener and caring coach. Highly recommended!”

Karis Munley, Lululemon


ali goodman“Courtney you are an AMAAAZING life coach! Seriously. You are one of the biggest reasons I believe in myself today. I could always start these projects but never seem to follow through. You taught me how to write out my goals and make sure I set a date even if I don’t hit it. At least I’m AIMING for something. You showed me how to have the confidence to really go out and DO what I want. Pursue it. Dream it. LIVE it. I’m so grateful to you for everything you’ve taught me!!!”

Ali Goodman, Beachbody Coach, SAG-AFTRA Actor, Voice Over Talent


Tony Rossi image“Courtney has helped me overcome some of my biggest obstacles that were keeping me from being happy.  She taught me how to stay positive at work, avoid taking things personally, and overcome limiting beliefs I didn’t even recognize I had!

While I was on the fence at first, her free consultation session was more than enough to help me realize the value in working with her regularly.

Thank you so much for your passion and dedication, Courtney!”

Tony Rossi, Beachbody Coach, Actor, and Blogger


Katie SmithCourtney’s practical tools, positivity, and unique exercises helped me launch a project that had been in my head for two years. 

Unlike other coaches I’ve worked with, Courtney doesn’t encourage you to DO more. Courtney helps you find what’s been stopping you. Her philosophy is that life should be easy and fun, and that’s how her sessions are.

Courtney is that rare blend that not only walks her talk but truly empowers people to create amazing work.”

Katie Smith, Creator and Producer of “Field Trip”


April Sutton

Courtney’s Glee workshop not only gives us steps on how to get what we want in life, but also how to be happy at the same time.”



April Sutton, Personal Trainer and SAG-AFTRA actor


sophia vega“I couldn’t have been more blessed to have met you… your faith in me, patience and never giving up on me has helped my transitions in life become easier. I’m a better me today simply because you believed in me and helped me believe in myself. Anyone would be lucky to have you as a coach.”

Sophia Vega, LMT at Massage Envy


karisa bruin“If you’re not moving forward and you can’t figure out why, try this on for size: Coaching with Courtney Rioux.

Within two months of my first session with her, I was able to clear away places where I was getting in my own way and I booked a great commercial gig that was not only fruitful, but also a joy to work on.

Karisa Bruin, Writer, Actor, Improvisor, Director. 



I am so glad that I decided to work with Courtney. Before working with her, I had been unconsciously going through my days making decisions based on fear and dwelling on the negative. Courtney showed me how to let go of thoughts that don’t serve me and how to relish in life’s joy and possibilities. I came to her because I wanted to start auditioning again, and I accomplished that. Aside from that specific goal though, Courtney’s coaching really helped me in every area of my life. Week by week, we tackled everything from finding a new day job (shockingly easily, I might add) to strengthening my relationships to getting in shape. I cannot overstate how grateful I am for the shifts Courtney has helped me make in my life.
Kaitlyn Nibbelin, Actor 

christine2“Courtney has changed my life forever. She has a special gift for helping people. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for everything she has helped me unlock. The shifts that I have made in our sessions in the exercises we have done and the books she has shared, have made me see and approach life very differently.

As artists, we are constantly working on our craft. Acting classes here, voice lessons there, dance, on-camera, the list goes on. But how helpful are all those things when your spirit is feeling even just a little uninspired, sad, or rejected? I highly recommend taking a moment to take care of YOU. When you stop to take care of you, for even just a second, you are able to give so much more to your craft, your relationships, the community, to the Universe.

Thank you Courtney! You are an angel!”

Christine Bunuan, Equity Actor




Sarah Louise Lilley, NYC Actor


Ryan Heywood Image

“Courtney has laser clarity around situations that would baffle me. I am so grateful to have her on my team. Her coaching has helped me gain focus in my acting career. She is invaluable to me.”


Ryan Heywood, The Self-Loved Actor coach and Actor



Ilyssa Fradin“Courtney has a gift! Not only is she extremely easy to talk to, she makes you feel like what you are saying matters. She is not judgmental, and whether in a coaching one on one or in a group, her energy and curiosity is infectious. Anytime I meet with Courtney I walk away more empowered and focused in my day and my direction.”

Ilyssa Fradin, SAG-AFTRA Actor

Kim DeJesus“Courtney is the best!  You will fall in love with Courtney’s contagious personality! She is so easy to talk to and is very invested in the progress of her clients. She helped me clear my mind of unnecessary thoughts and distractions so I could concentrate on what matters most.  She helped me set some big career goals and set deadlines for myself.  I was able to go out to LA with the confidence and clarity I needed to crush my interviews and book some television work. Thank you for everything Courtney!”

Kim DeJesus, Actor


paula ramirez“Courtney’s coaching is a gift and one I am so grateful she has decided to share with the world. She holds such positivity, wisdom and clarity. Courtney asked me one simple question: “What do you hope to achieve by the end of these coaching sessions?”. I surprised myself by answering with, “I want to feel empowered.” I encountered a lot of unexpected changes and circumstances during our time coaching, but throughout it all I couldn’t deny that I was getting closer to myself again, to a source of power I had allowed myself to be disconnected from for quite a long time. That there was peace at the bottom of it all. During our last session together she reminded me of my wish in our first session. If I could sum up what I got out of our work together it would be regaining my sense of power—so yes, I’d say I’m a big believer in Courtney’s coaching ;)”

Paula Ramirez, Actor


George Elliot Image“I really appreciate your “Strategies of Success” workshop and your insightful perspectives.

Your ideas and revelations add a valuable approach to our craft as well as life in general.

Your vivacious and engaging personality is infectious and made your positive and productive ideas even more compelling.”


George Elliot, SAG-AFTRA Actor


Leena Kurishingal Image“I’m amazed. Courtney gave me the tools to set up the life I want and get through the pitfalls we all come across, stronger than ever. There is almost shock at how I see myself react in situations now, compared to what my reaction was before.

And yes, Courtney does practice tough love. No whining allowed, only action – which has proven to be the best tool she could’ve given me. With it, I’ve realized that I can not only trust there will be a better day ahead, I can start working on it now. It’s empowering. Honestly, when we first talked, I didn’t know if I wanted to spend the money on coaching.

I’m so glad I took a leap of faith and committed. My career, personal life and general state of being are so much lighter and full of gratitude. Dare I say, I think I’m happy, Courtney Rioux ;)”

Leena Kurishingal, Chicago Actor 


Headshot-Pakowski“Courtney’s MY Big Year program couldn’t have come at a better time.  I was able to start 2015 hitting the ground running instead of feeling overwhelmed and stuck which was happening before I joined the program.

I was so grateful that Courtney recorded every call we had because there were just too many awesome, juicy nuggets of info shared that I couldn’t write them down fast enough.”

Erin Pakowski, SAG-AFTRA Actor



IMG_8097(small)“Courtney Rioux’s GLEE workshop (Goals, Limiting beliefs, Emotional Mastery and Examining your six human needs) was phenomenal. I was encouraged to nip negative thoughts and habits in the bud and to deal with the rejections and insecurities that we all have to deal with in our lives and careers. I shared my insecurity about not having an acting degree. With an enlightened approach, Courtney helped me think positively about that and quite a few other things. I came out of the session feeling lighter, both in body and mind.”

Molly Pan,  SAG-AFTRA Actor & Photographer 


Troy Pryor

“Often times we can get bogged down with life’s challenges and can forget how blessed we actually are. That negative energy can spill over to our careers and create more hurdles. As performers we can be very critical of ourselves and forget, that we already have what we’re looking for. Sometimes we just need movements of clarity to see that.

Courtney’s Glee workshop does just that. You’ll leave with a better understanding of who you are and what you actually want in order to continue your journey with peace of mind. That’s priceless. It’s all about being happy my friend.”

Troy Pryor, SAG-AFTRA Actor & Personal Trainer


angela beckefeld“After your seminar:

1. I walked away knowing more about myself, not only as an actor, but as an individual.
2. I was reminded that I need something else other than acting to bring significance and satisfaction to my life, because it is a roller coaster ride.
3. You allowed the group to interact, which caused me to realize, I am not alone in how I feel as an actor.
4. You challenged me to stop believing the lies I tell myself and start speaking and believing the truths (mantras) that lie ahead for me.
5. You reminded me to go over my budget, re-evaluate it, and start making changes for the long term good.
6. After winning the free coaching session, I was encouraged that my way of thinking could actually change!!

You are simply amazing.

Thanks, Courtney, for all of your support in my life.”

Angela Beckefeld, Chicago Actor


Kelly_OSullivan-30816“Courtney’s advice to set specific goals really helped me to identify and clarify exactly what I wanted, which then allowed me to take practical steps in making those goals a reality.”

Kelly O’Sullivan, SAG-AFTRA Actor


Jo Fox“Your supportive and giving nature that I felt from you the moment I met you is exactly what is needed from a coach. On top of that, I feel like you have very good insight and the way you communicate is so crystal clear. I really enjoyed your workshop.  I particularly enjoyed the working on your emotions portion. I liked the idea of re-framing them to either be able to enjoy easier or make it harder to have a negative emotion.  Thanks!”

Josephine Fox, SAG-AFTRA Actor


Steve Bayorgeon “I have known Courtney for a few years now, and it is no surprise that she is helping people reach their goals.  After our first meeting to figure out my goals, and where I was and what I wanted, things started to get in motion.  The next day I got a call from my agent for a TV show audition that I wrote down as one of my goals.  Coincidence?  Who cares!  It shows that what I am learning is already working.

Actually, a few of the things Courtney recommends are things I used to do in the past when I did book more jobs.  Just needed her to kick my rear end a bit and remind me that these things work.  Also, knowing I have a deadline to get things done before the next coaching call makes me get the things done I said I would do. By the way, I’m 30lbs lighter now thanks to Courtney’s help!

Roger Staubach had Tom Landry.  Michael Jordan had Phil Jackson.  You can have Courtney.”

Steve Bayorgeon, SAG-AFTRA Actor and Voice Over Talent


dylan parkes“Courtney’s warmth, energy, and desire to learn and develop her talents as a tool to benefit you and you alone, make her one of the most incredible coaches I have ever had in my life. She gave me the resources, the books, the seminars, the courage to face the challenges in front of me and break through. And breakthrough, I did.

I am currently happier than I have ever been in my entire life. I am sober and living vegan; two realities I would have never believed possible a year ago. My weight is exactly where I want it. I am stronger physically/mentally/emotionally than any point in the last 5 years. I just closed my first show since the panic attacks stalled my art, to rave reviews. I am calm and anxiety free. I am starting the process of opening my own gym and fitness business so that I can begin coaching others in my own way. I ran a triathlon. My life is everything I could want it to be. Hard work is part of the answer, but if it’s unharnessed, even hard work can’t suffice. I needed a Coach.

If you have ever felt lost or damaged, find a Coach like Courtney. You will never regret it and  never look back.”

Dylan Parkes, Chicago Actor and Fitness Coach




christina derosa

“This was so powerful. Thank you so much, Courtney. The visualization warmed my heart and I am in tears of joy and gratitude. Thank you for reminding me what a beautiful life I already have and awakening me to know all the abundant joy that is coming! Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Christina DeRosa, Actor



“Courtney Rioux was an excellent choice as a speaker for Chicago Screenwriters Network’s January 2015 meeting on resolutions for the screenwriter — she got our 20th anniversary year off to a great start! Our members overwhelmingly agreed that they learned a lot, enjoyed her presentation, and will put what she taught into action immediately.”

Dante Bacani, President of Chicago Screenwriters Network


“I had the pleasure of meeting Courtney while coordinating a two-part workshop provided for our members, and she did not disappoint. From start to finish, Courtney was engaging and asked specific questions. Tuning into each person’s needs, she made everyone feel they had her full attention. I would highly recommend her services to anyone needing a Life Coach or speaker. In fact I already have!”

Cynthia Hanks, Business Representative of Actors’ Equity Association


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